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Richmond Uncovered is an initiative of Commerce Richmond Inc., to promote the terrific lifestyle and welcoming, connected community, as a way of encouraging new families to move to Richmond.  We genuinely feel that we have a very special piece of Australia, and that our children and families benefit enormously from living somewhere with such a terrific sense of belonging and community.  We are excited to help other families to discover our great town.

Commerce Richmond Inc. is Richmond's local Chamber of Commerce.  It was formed in August, 2011.  Members meet every month, and have a number of projects underway including facilitating the flow of students from high school in to trade and school based trainee and apprenticeships, and celebrating the life and work of local artist Jo Forster.  Commerce Richmond aims to promote business and community spirit.

Richmond Uncovered is proudly funded by the Queensland Government's Building Rural Communities Fund through Blue Print for the Bush, and Richmond Shire Council.  The project is managed by volunteers from Commerce Richmond Inc, and supported by REX Airlines.

We thank our photographic sponsors, Trish Hudspith Photograhics, Patricia Woodgate Photography and Kim Hughes for providing many of the terrific images which we have used.  Our thanks also go to numerous members of the community, and local organisations who have contributed images, and information.

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Richmond’s iconic, open grasslands, and northern forests support a strong beef cattle grazing industry. Cattle are sold from Richmond to the southern market, feedlots, live export and processing sectors. The grazing industry employs the greatest number of people within the Shire.

Tourism is an important, evolving industry for Richmond, and centres around the world renowned Kronosaurus Korner marine fossil museum, and Richmond’s reputation as being an excellent destination for finding marine fossils. The picturesque caravan park overlooking Lake Fred Tritton provides travellers with a great spot to stop for a few days and relax.

Government organisations are also a major industry within the town of Richmond, providing work for many of the town's residents.  Local government, education and health are the largest government organisations.  Richmond Shire Council is the largest single employer in the Shire.

A range of businesses support the grazing industry, and the town itself, from retail to business to business services, such as freight, banking and stock and station agencies.

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Emerging Industries

Much interest has been shown at a local, state and federal government level regarding the establishment of irrigated agriculture along the Flinders River.  The state and federal governments are currently conducting studies on this concept, and it is hoped that irrigated agriculture may represent an important new industry for the future of Richmond. Recently the release of 80,000ML of the Flinders River Catchment by the Government is a very positive start to this emerging industry.

Mining exploration continues around the Shire, however, further development is not currently anticipated in the near future.

Coal Seam Gas explorations and investigations also continue around the Shire.


Richmond is situated on the southern banks of the state’s longest river, the Flinders, approximately 522km due west of Townsville in the centre of Queensland’s North West.

The town of Richmond stands 216 metres above sea level on the border of rolling downs country. South of Richmond the open downs stretch away east, south and west covered by a thick body of Mitchell and Flinders grass. North of the Flinders River is a narrow belt of the same fertile country broken by belts of timber and limestone ridges. Further northeast,the black boulders of the basalt wall are visible and north-west the forest country stretches away to the Gulf.

The Shire of Wyangarie (meaning Aboriginal “Hut”) came into effect on 1 January 1916 and this was changed to Richmond Shire Council on 31 July 1954.

Richmond residents have been described as a friendly bunch of people with community pride and spirit as demonstrated by the higher than Queensland average for volunteers (of 34.6%) volunteering their time and services to the community.

Thanks to Richmond Shire Council, who granted permission for this information to be taken from their Community Plan


Above Image Credits: Banner Patricia Woodgate, Right Trish Hudspith Photographics, Kim Hughes

Richmond has a dry tropical climate. The majority of rain falls from late December to March, during the wet season. The area experiences a long, mild and generally sunny winter from April to September, before a hot build up in late October, through to when the rain starts in December. 


The following statistics can be found on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website, and are from the 2011 Census.

Population: 827

Average Age: 37

Number of families living in Richmond: 217

Families made up of couples with children: 42.3%

34.6% of people aged 15 years or over completed unpaid voluntary work for a local organisation. This compares to the Queensland average of 18.7%.

Smoothed unemployment rate, March quarter, 2012 was 4.8%, which compares to a Queensland average of 5.5%. (Office of Economic and Statistical Research)

History - Interactive Timeline - 1861 to Current

Click highlighted events to read more information.

Back in 1861...

Explorer William Landsborough notes in his journal...


Richmond is born...


First Post Office...
Hotels built...


First Bank...


Gold was first discovered at the Woolgar.


Original Richmond Stores than known as Goldring & Tolano was built.


The first Police Station was built


The first butcher was established by E Winkworth
The first Blacksmith was J Yule & Joseph McEwan


The Richmond State School was opened


The Carrar & Talmoi Wool Scours were established


The original Hospital was built


The first bore was drilled


The Cordial Factory was built


The original St Brigid’s Catholic Church was built...
Photographer – Edward Spike
Chemist – Oscar Baneke
Federal Place Hotel was built


The Richmond Record Newspaper was established
The railway reached Richmond


Draper – E Mellick


Site of Maxwellton Township was chosen


St Joseph’s Convent School was opened.


The Shire of Wyangarie was established...


The first plane, Gipsy Moth landed in Richmond.


The most significant tragedy in Richmond’s history – Fire...


The Australian Defence Force arrived at Talmoi...


Airport was opened where it stands today


The Lights of Richmond were first switched on.


Naming the Shire of Richmond...


Richmond's War Memorial Swimming Pool was built.


The High School opened.


The first Richmond Field Day started.


Lake Fred Tritton was constructed.

Local Noticeboard

Local Noticeboard


Richmond is located on the Flinders Highway, in Northern Outback Queensland, half way between Mt Isa in the west and Townsville, on the east coast.  Located in the 'middle of everywhere', Richmond is within half a day's drive of many great locations, such as Longreach, The Gulf of Carpentaria, Atherton Tablelands and the Great Barrier Reef. 

Richmond's location is ideal – being remote enough to ensure a cohesive community, yet well connected and close enough to major cities for a quick trip away over a weekend.

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