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The Richmond Uncovered Team
Above Image Credits: Banner and Right Trish Hudspith Photographics

Richmond Uncovered is an initiative of Commerce Richmond Inc., to promote the terrific lifestyle and welcoming, connected community, as a way of encouraging new families to move to Richmond.  We genuinely feel that we have a very special piece of Australia, and that our children and families benefit enormously from living somewhere with such a terrific sense of belonging and community.  We are excited to help other families to discover our great town.

Commerce Richmond Inc. is Richmond's local Chamber of Commerce.  It was formed in August, 2011.  Members meet every month, and have a number of projects underway including facilitating the flow of students from high school in to trade and school based trainee and apprenticeships, and celebrating the life and work of local artist Jo Forster.  Commerce Richmond aims to promote business and community spirit.

Richmond Uncovered is proudly funded by the Queensland Government's Building Rural Communities Fund through Blue Print for the Bush, and Richmond Shire Council.  The project is managed by volunteers from Commerce Richmond Inc, and supported by REX Airlines.

We thank our photographic sponsors, Trish Hudspith Photograhics, Patricia Woodgate Photography and Kim Hughes for providing many of the terrific images which we have used.  Our thanks also go to numerous members of the community, and local organisations who have contributed images, and information.

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