Richmond’s iconic, open grasslands, and northern forests support a strong beef cattle grazing industry. Cattle are sold from Richmond to the southern market, feedlots, live export and processing sectors. The grazing industry employs the greatest number of people within the Shire.

Tourism is an important, evolving industry for Richmond, and centres around the world renowned Kronosaurus Korner marine fossil museum, and Richmond’s reputation as being an excellent destination for finding marine fossils. The picturesque caravan park overlooking Lake Fred Tritton provides travellers with a great spot to stop for a few days and relax.

Government organisations are also a major industry within the town of Richmond, providing work for many of the town's residents.  Local government, education and health are the largest government organisations.  Richmond Shire Council is the largest single employer in the Shire.

A range of businesses support the grazing industry, and the town itself, from retail to business to business services, such as freight, banking and stock and station agencies.

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Emerging Industries

Much interest has been shown at a local, state and federal government level regarding the establishment of irrigated agriculture along the Flinders River.  The state and federal governments are currently conducting studies on this concept, and it is hoped that irrigated agriculture may represent an important new industry for the future of Richmond. Recently the release of 80,000ML of the Flinders River Catchment by the Government is a very positive start to this emerging industry.

Mining exploration continues around the Shire, however, further development is not currently anticipated in the near future.

Coal Seam Gas explorations and investigations also continue around the Shire.