Other Services

Richmond offers a variety of additional services, including telecommunications, transport, television and radio services.  Both high speed internet, and Next G mobile coverage are available in the town.


Rex Airlines

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Regional Express (Rex) is Australia’s largest independent regional airline operating a fleet of more than 40 Saab 340 aircraft on some 1,300 weekly flights to 35 destinations throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland. In Queensland, Rex flies out of Townsville to Hughenden, Richmond, Julia Creek, Mt Isa, Winton and Longreach.

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With roots firmly in the bush and in country Australia, Rex is committed to giving back to Australia's regional communities. Over the years, Rex has been proud to support various facets of the Richmond community, including fundraisers by organisations such as the Richmond Amateur Swimming Club and the Richmond Pony Club, as well as community events such as the Fossil Festival and the October Moon Music Festival.

Rex flies from Richmond to Townsville and Mount Isa every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. See www.rex.com.au for more information.


Greyhound Buses

Greyhound Buses

Greyhound Australia service Richmond as a part of their routes Townsville to Mount Isa, connecting through to Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory.  Coach travel is a convenient and affordable option for travelling East and West to and from Richmond.  Here is their website, for further information: http://www.greyhound.com.au/

Tennant Creek to Townsville time table.

Townsville to Tennant Creek time table.


Churches and Spirituality

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St. Brigid's Catholic Parish

Situated at 111 Goldring Street, mass is celebrated each Sunday at 9.00am.

Contact: Parish Priest at Mowbray Street, Hughenden on 07 4741 1436


Mary MacKillop House Centre of Spirituality

Mary MacKillop House provides:

  • A place of quiet for prayer, reflection, rest, relaxation and personal renewal for individuals and groups.
  • A place for formation and training in prayer, leadership and spirituality in keeping with the Vision of the House
  • A place where people of all faiths are welcome to deepen their spiritual lives.

The Vision of Mary MacKillop House is:

Mary MacKillop House will enable the people of the West to come aside to a quiet place to pray, reflect, seek direction, share life's journeying, nurture and welcome others and have opportunities for insights and growth.

(Vision Statement 2004)

Mary MacKillop House offers a daily prayer session at 4pm.

Mary MacKillop House is part of the Western Ministry for Spirituality.

Contact Ph: 07 4741 3369


St John the Baptist, Anglican Church

Situated in Crawford Street Richmond.

Services are offered on a monthly basis and times are advertised locally.

Contacts: Bernice Ramsay 07 4741 3214

Inez Collins 07 4741 3089

Business Opportunities

Opportunities sometimes arise to either purchase or establish a new business venture in Richmond.  We'd encourage anyone with technical skills, and a desire to live and operate a business in Richmond to conduct their own research as to the feasibility of any opportunities. 

Commerce Richmond's members represent a variety of businesses and industries across the town.  Our collective membership has wide business experience and an intimate knowledge of our local economy.  We are always ready to help in any way we can, and can give you the benefit of an objective and well informed local opinion, and an extensive local network.  We encourage you to contact us and let us help you.

Support for Business Operators from the Queensland Government

The Queensland Government is able to support business operators and start up businesses in Richmond with a range of training, planning and advice:

There is one number to call for all your business needs whatever stage you're at 13 25 23 (for the cost of a local call within Queensland) or on +61 7 3404 6999 (interstate and international callers)

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Starting a business

  • Get assistance with business planning and management
  • Use a PlanSMART kit to do your industry and market research.
  • Write a business plan using an Easy Plan CD.
  • Find out what licences and permits you require
  • Find out how to register your business name

Operating or growing a business

  • Learn about establishing and growing your business through a series of business seminars and workshops
  • Monitor you business as it grows with the Think.Plan.Grow. business planning template.
  • Find out about government support programs and financial assistance.

Managing a business

  • Access interactive tools and diagnostics for all stages of business growth
  • Measure your business's financial performance with Online Financial Benchmarking

Or visit us online at www.business.qld.gov.au


Richmond's major industry is cattle grazing, however, considerable employment opportunities exist within the various support industries and government bodies, which service the town, and in the important sector of tourism. 

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People in Richmond can have careers in local government, retail, policing, education, health, sales, tourism, banking and agriculture / grazing. 

Naturally, employment opportunities vary from time to time, however we can suggest the following organisations as major employers.

  • Richmond Shire Council
  • Richmond State School
  • Richmond Health Service

The business directory listing is a good place to start.  Many grazing industry jobs are advertised in the Queensland Country Life newspaper.  You could also look for listings of positions vacant across the numerous employment websites on the internet. 

View positions vacant on Richmond Shire Council's website.


One of the enormous benefits of living in Richmond is the affordability of housing.  Across much of Australia, the possibility of owning your own home is becoming an unreachable dream for many people.  Here in Richmond, it is still achievable. 

Family homes in town start at approximately $160,000.  For those inclined to renovate a property themselves, the ubiquitous renovators delight starts at about $80,000 (sometimes less).  A five acre allotment with a home, on the outskirts of town, will cost from $360,000.  Vacant lots are also available.

Of course, this pricing can change quite rapidly, and we encourage you to do your own research as to recent sales in the area.  Be aware, however, that a search for Richmond on Real Estate.com will often yield houses from a suburb of Mackay which is also called Richmond.  These houses in no way reflect our own real estate market. 

Homes are often available for rent in Richmond contact a local real estate agent to find out more.

View real estate for sale in Richmond, on Real Estate.com.

View commercial real estate for sale in Richmond, listed on Real Estate.com.

Richmond Shire Council currently has some housing blocks for sale, zoned rural residential.


Horses, Cattle and other animals

As an Outback town, the ability to keep horses, cattle, and other animals is much desired by our residents.  Richmond Shire Council understands that the keeping of these animals is an important lifestyle factor, and for some people, even an economic opportunity.  For these reasons, Richmond encourages  ownership of animals and there are less restricted formalities for keeping animals than there may be in other areas.


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Owning and riding a horse or pony is a joy for adults and children alike, and the possibility of it is one of the great advantages of living in the bush.  Council has horse paddocks available for lease on the outskirts of town.

Richmond Pony Club also has land which people can run horses used to attend pony club on.

Horses can also be kept on some of the town commons.


Council maintains four Commons and Reserves which local residents are able to run cattle on.  Agistees work together to muster and process stock on the commons a couple of times a year.  For many local families, this is a valuable source of extra income, and a big part of the lifestyle which Richmond offers.  See the agistment policy or contact Council for more information. 

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Dogs, Chooks, Cats and All creatures Great and Small

What would life be in a country town if you couldn't have a few chooks in the back yard?  Or a couple of dogs?   There are restrictions on keeping roosters in the town area, and of course dogs and cats have to be registered in line with national laws.  The details are available on Council's website:

Animal Control

Local Laws