Opportunities sometimes arise to either purchase or establish a new business venture in Richmond.  We'd encourage anyone with technical skills, and a desire to live and operate a business in Richmond to conduct their own research as to the feasibility of any opportunities. 

Commerce Richmond's members represent a variety of businesses and industries across the town.  Our collective membership has wide business experience and an intimate knowledge of our local economy.  We are always ready to help in any way we can, and can give you the benefit of an objective and well informed local opinion, and an extensive local network.  We encourage you to contact us and let us help you.

Support for Business Operators from the Queensland Government

The Queensland Government is able to support business operators and start up businesses in Richmond with a range of training, planning and advice:

There is one number to call for all your business needs whatever stage you're at 13 25 23 (for the cost of a local call within Queensland) or on +61 7 3404 6999 (interstate and international callers)

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Starting a business

  • Get assistance with business planning and management
  • Use a PlanSMART kit to do your industry and market research.
  • Write a business plan using an Easy Plan CD.
  • Find out what licences and permits you require
  • Find out how to register your business name

Operating or growing a business

  • Learn about establishing and growing your business through a series of business seminars and workshops
  • Monitor you business as it grows with the Think.Plan.Grow. business planning template.
  • Find out about government support programs and financial assistance.

Managing a business

  • Access interactive tools and diagnostics for all stages of business growth
  • Measure your business's financial performance with Online Financial Benchmarking

Or visit us online at www.business.qld.gov.au