Richmond State School

Richmond is well serviced by an excellent Prep – Grade 10 campus state school, Richmond State School.  There's also a great Day Care Centre / Kindergarten and an exceptional Outside School Hours Care service.  The school is supported by an active P&C, and families are also supported and advocated for by the Isolated Children's and Parents Association.  Typically, professionals working in these fields in Richmond have a real passion for what they do, and the standard delivered at all of these centres is very high.  In addition to these formal services, local clubs, provide a great range of extra curricular activities for students to become involved in.  More information about these clubs can be found here


Richmond State School


Richmond State School

Richmond State School has played an integral role in the history of the Richmond Township with the school opening in 1889.

The school offers formal education from Prep to Year 10. Student enrolments tend to fluctuate in line with population changes, with current enrolments for 2012 at 85 students. Approximately 80% of the students live within the township while the others come from properties within the shire.

Richmond State School is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals. Classes are of a multi-age nature with students benefiting from a mix of enthusiastic teachers and small class sizes. The Staff is comprised of a mix of local residents and those who move to Richmond to begin their careers as teachers or to enjoy the culture of a country school. All staff work hard to implement an improvement agenda to ensure every child is learning every day in every classroom. In line with teaching uniformity, Teaches tend to stay for at least three years as part of their commitment to employment with Education Queensland or as part of the Teacher Transfer Policy.

Teachers deliver comprehensive teaching programs that provide for individual needs of all students. Teachers provide a differentiated program for their classes and seek support from the Head of Curriculum and/or Support Teacher: Literacy & Numeracy to guide them with quality programs. The school sets learning targets for each child, which are negotiated with the student and their parents.

Richmond State School

In 2011, the school trialled the induction of Year 7 into the Secondary Department. Year 7-10 students are able to study a range of subjects both face to face and online. Information Communication Technologies are a vital part of the school's culture. Students have access to a variety of ICT devices and the internet. ICT lessons are conducted in all classes from Prep to Year 10.

Richmond State School aims to provide a quality education for all our students. . Over the years a number of Year 10 students have completed a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship. The school prides itself on making positive links with community businesses and organisations so that our students are work or study ready for their chosen careers.

Richmond State School provides a safe learning environment for all students, both in well-equipped classrooms and attractive and functional outdoor learning areas. As well as enjoying the benefits of small class sizes, students are also able to participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities including discos, concerts, camp outs, readers club, triathlons and choir at non competitive entry levels, which means that every child gets to participate.

Parents support classroom learning in a number of ways. Parents are always willing to support extracurricular activities as well. The Parents and Citizen's Association has been a dynamic organisation in the past two years with tremendous support provided to the school in a number of ways. The P&C has provided excellent guidance in the strategic direction of the school as well as supporting many other initiatives to ensure opportunities are available to all students.

Richmond State School
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Our Vision

Our Vision at Richmond State School is to provide a quality education, allowing each child to reach his/her potential academically, socially and emotionally through partnerships within the school and wider community.

We will achieve this by exhibiting:

  • A passionate sense of school pride

  • A learning environment that is safe and supportive

  • Quality teaching and learning that meets student needs provided by a committed, accountable and professional staff

  • A diverse and inclusive education delivered through a stimulating and challenging curriculum

  • Students who are empowered to be lifelong learners capable of contributing to a global society

  • Collaborative decision making through open and honest, two way communication

  • Responsible and accountable school management and leadership

  • All school and community members acting with respect and dignity


Our Values

Seek Knowledge We learn and let others learn.

Care and Compassion We care for self and others.

Respect We treat others with consideration and regard, respect another person's point of view.

Personal Responsibility We are accountable for one's own actions.

Tolerance We will be included and include others and accepting of others individual differences.

Honesty We will be honest, sincere and seek the truth.

Optimism We will think positively and achieve to one's full potential.


Our Students

We want our students to develop the following traits whilst enrolled at Richmond State School.

Tactfulness, Determination, Self-Management Skills, Punctuality, Flexibility, Resilience, Generosity, Diplomacy, Reliability, Sensitivity, Commitment, Honesty, Organisational Skills, Independence, Initiative, Resourcefulness and Responsibility.

We implement a number of learning processes and wellbeing programs and with the support of parents aim to make each student a lifelong learner.

Please visit Richmond SS at for further information. 


Richmond State School P&C Association

Established in the early 1960's Richmond State School P&C has been fundamental in growing the strong successful school community that Richmond enjoys today.

The wider Richmond community actively supports the P&C'S fundraising endeavours, enabling the committee to purchase valuable resources for the school and to provide financial support to students who represent Richmond at district and state level for sport, academic and cultural events. Any visitor to Richmond S.S will find it to be an extremely well resourced and supported school.

The P&C meets every second Monday of the month to discuss and provide feedback on school policies and activities. There is an open connectedness between the school staff and the P&C as we work towards ensuring that Richmond State School is the very best it can be, that every student receives a first rate education, has instilled in them a sense of pride and a willingness to be the best they can be and reach their full potential.


Richmond Early Education Centre

Richmond Early Childhood Centre
Richmond Early Childhood Centre
Image Credits: Richmond Early Education Centre

REEC is a community owned and professionally staffed day care and qualified kindergarten, providing quality long day care and early childhood education for children from the age of 6 weeks, until they enter primary school.

As a not for profit organisation, all profits are channelled back in to the centre and the community, ensuring an extremely high standard of resources, environment and staffing – assuring parents of a caring, stimulating and educational experience for all children at the centre.

As Richmond is a small tight knit community, everyone works together to make sure all children are receiving ample possibilities and opportunities. All staff within the centre are qualified or working towards their qualification and attend regular professional development.

The centre uses the Queensland Governments initiative; National Quality Framework.


Outside School Hours Care

th afterschoolcare
th afterschoolcare01
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Richmond Outside of School Hours care provides professional care for school aged children after school and during school vacation periods. The Centre is a licensed child care which runs under the New National Framework (My Time, Our Place).  The centre is run by three dedicated women, Teena Chappell (Coordinator, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader), who holds a Diploma in Children's Services. Emily Connor (Assistant Coordinator, Certified Supervisor), who holds a Cert III in Children's Service. Julie Rogerson (Relief Assistant, Certified Supervisor), who holds a Cert III in Children's Service. The centre prides itself in offering a rich and varied programme, demonstrating best practice for the provision of supportive, engaging care.  Children have access to a stimulating outdoor environment, and are encouraged to take part in activities which give them both a sense of achievement, ownership and belonging as they work together to make their centre an interesting and enjoyable place to be.

In 2008 the centre received a Community Event Award – (Grease Musical)
In 2012 the centre was showcased in a workshop by Sue Inglis - (Growing Early Childhood)

Enquiries can be directed to Teena Chappell on 07 47413 163 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Isolated Children's and Parents Association

"ICPA (Aust) is a voluntary, non-profit, apolitical parent body dedicated to ensuring that all rural and remote students have equity of access to a continuing and appropriate education." (ICPA Website).


Sports and Arts Programmes

Children in Richmond are able to participate in a great range of sporting clubs, including: Junior Rugby League, Swimming Club, Pony Club, Dirt Bike Club, Tennis Club.

Arts and cultural opportunities are frequently available, both within the school and externally. Some external arts opportunities include Regional Arts Development Fund workshops, and participation in Richmond Live Music Club. Private piano lessons are available, both piano and choir are available through the school.  Music workshops are facilitated through Richmond Live Music Club and October Moon Festival Inc from time to time.