Behind every great town, there are great people. Whether they have been there all their lives, or only a few years, many families now call Richmond home. Read the stories of real families who have chosen Richmond as a place to live. 

The Maluga Family

My wife and I have two children and have lived here for most of our lives. Richmond is a great little town where everyone helps each other. We have a sick child and have found that the hospital has become our second home, here we are treated like a person, not a number. Richmond has been a wonderful place for us and our two children. It’s a very friendly, caring, sharing community. We wouldn’t want to call anywhere else home.


Christine Douglas

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On my arrival in Richmond in January 2009, I was to fulfil a three year contract. When this concluded I found I wanted to remain here as I had become part of the local scene and truly enjoyed my time in Richmond.

I have become involved in groups such as Commerce Richmond, the Fossil Festival committee and I am an active member of my local church group, offering to all these groups a degree of myself.

An important aspect was to find not what the town could give to me but what I am able to contribute in order to continue building Richmond and its community.


Robert Waddell, RN

Robert Waddell, RN
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I have worked 12 week contracts as a RN in six different rural hospitals throughout Queensland over the last two years. I've found Richmond to be the easiest town to get to know people and become involved in events in the local community.

Robert Waddell  


Caroline Ellis

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"My name is Caroline and I came to Richmond in early 2011 after winning a block of land in a ballot. I spent the last 2.5yrs arranging for the purchase of a house and relocating it to my land, connecting utilities and making it generally livable. Big thanks must go to my parents who looked after the majority of this for me as I was actually overseas during this time. My first couple of months were even more of an adventure than I was expecting, as I was waiting on furniture and didn't have any hot water hooked up. It was like camping it rough but with a solid roof over my head.  This all got sorted out though and after more additions were made to my house, I am settled in quite nicely.  I gained a pet puppy and kitten who have quite the landscape to play in, and beautiful weather with glorious sunsets. My biggest challenge was finding a permanent full time position, though many businesses were very helpful in giving me enough casual work to get by easily. Big thanks to them!  My boyfriend of 7years was able to come and join me in Richmond towards the end of the year and had no trouble at all getting employment with local businesses. Having him around has been much better, and he has also helped out sorting out my house for which I am very thankful.  There are still a couple of things left I would like to do with my property, but these things do take time.

I have now lived here for well over a year, and have to say, Richmond is a very friendly and safe town.  Everyone knows me and waves as they drive past my place or see me out walking my puppy.  I really enjoy star gazing at night, and have seen more shooting stars and satellites in the past year, than I have in my life to date. I love the climate and the sunsets out my backyard are just incredible. I have joined a small number of community groups and clubs, volunteering at different events and regularly enjoy many local attractions.  If you have the opportunity to come to Richmond - either simply to visit or even to stay, I would recommend this town for a great place to live."

Caroline Ellis

Caroline’s story has also been seen online in The Australian Newspaper


Anthony Lewis

July, 2012

To whom it may concern,

My name is Anthony Lewis. In December 2010, I graduated from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor in Primary Education. In April the following year, I was offered a position as a Grade 6 teacher at Richmond State School in the state's North-West. My partner and I relocated to Richmond that week and it is there that I now reside.

Upon arriving in town, I found the locals to be kind, friendly and always willing to offer assistance wherever needed. On several occasions I have found myself in need of some help around the house and discovered that all I need to do is visit a neighbour to ask for an extra hand. Without questioning, they always drop what they are doing and lend their expertise.

The town has banded together on several occasions to help raise funds for a young man in town who was in need of an operation. There have been numerous charity events to help his family fund the need for these operations. At these opportunities to help, the town continuously turn up in droves to show their support in any way they can.

Richmond Bowls Club

As a young man coming from Brisbane, I was unsure as to whether there would be enough activities to keep me occupied. Since moving to Richmond, I have joined the senior football and swimming club, I play tennis at the tennis courts, hit a round of golf on the golf course, I play social bowls on a weekend and help coach one of the junior rugby league teams in town. Aside from that, there are often other social events in town scattered throughout the year where we can socialise with people from near and far. Events like rodeos, horse races, fishing competitions, golf tournaments, camp drafts, The Annual Field Day celebrations, The October Moon Festival, The Fossil Festival and many others including events in towns nearby.

Richmond is a very warm and welcoming town. It is a town in which you can walk around the lake and stop to have a friendly chat with passer bys. It is a town that welcomed me into it and I proudly say that I am a local.

Anthony Lewis


Dr I & Dr M Vahidy and family

Dr Vahidy and his family moved to Richmond in 2009 to take up the GP posting here. Here, his wife, Dr M Vahidy provides her account of settling in to life in Richmond.

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We have spent just over five happy years in Richmond and love the generous and friendly community. When we were planning to move here, we had our concerns about living so remote and also regarding our children's education in town state school. However we found the school staff very co operative, always ready to give us feedback about our kids' education, something hard to get even in big private schools. Teachers are professional, enthusiastic and caring. Because of the smaller class size children enjoy one on one attention of their teachers.

Although we are different from the locals in every respect, religious, cultural and physical appearance but they have accepted us open heartedly. Our children thoroughly enjoy local dinosaur museum (Kronosaurus Korner), Lake Fred Tritton, the swimming pool, skate park and tennis court facilities.

Two things that you instantly notice when you come to Richmond are, a beautifully kept tidy town and a friendly smile on everybody's face. Richmond is now our home away from home.


The Hales Family

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Charlie and I moved to Richmond in 2001 to work on a cattle station in the district.  In 2004, following the birth of our first child, we moved to the town and bought our home where we live now. 

I'd always wondered why people live in small towns.  My thinking was that you would either live on a property where you had the real rural lifestyle, or in a city where you have access to all that a city has to offer.  I grew up in Sydney, so I know about cities, and their lifestyle. 

In the end, it turns out that I was wrong to doubt the quality of life in a small country town.  I am happier here than I have ever been anywhere else.  And it is the people, my involvement in the community, and the idyllic childhood my kids are getting, which have made me so happy. 

Here, I have the chance to make a difference.  Here, I was able to stay at home while the kids were young (I look forward to going back to work when my youngest goes to school).  Here, I have more friends, more connections, more "hello's" than I've ever had. 

In Richmond, my kids are a part of a big family which looks out for its own.  They are safe, and can indulge in many of the same things I did when I was growing up.  Like riding the streets, walking to school, playing in the dirt, camping, having chooks, horses, calves and picking vegies from our garden. 

They say it takes a village to raise a family – and I've found a great one.  As the kids get older, we have a great network of top quality adults and older children who will be there for them.  Sure, a city might offer more choices, different sports, more instruments, but Richmond offers them the support of a community who cares.  Richmond offers the kids the chance to develop a social conscience – to contribute to the good of the whole community.  Richmond offers the kids the chance to be kids, to play in the sun, picnic and swim in the lake. 

What would be the most important thing to offer my kids?  Martial arts or the art of looking someone in the eye, smiling a "hello" and shaking their hand in the firm warm manner of someone who grew up amongst great people.